About us

Eventphotography.com has been in the business for 25 years now, capturing your most prized moments, memories and events, building our experience through working on all kinds of events, grand or small. In this time, we have developed and designed our services to be the best and easiest possible.

Thanks to the flexibility we offer, regardless of where you are in Australia, we have you covered.

We have a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of professional event photographers and videographers who deliver the highest level of professional service to our clients to meet all their requirements.

We can also boast about offering the most sophisticated software in the industry to help you connect to your images and videos quickly and seamlessly.

We appreciate simplicity, ease and saving time, so we developed an easy and fun service to cover every event, sports, formal and graduation photography, to make organising your photo or video shoot a breeze!

We value your savings, so we have a simple pricing system to make our service the most affordable option possible.

Our experience and teams of photographers and videographers Australia-wide will ensure multiple events in multiple locations are managed and co-ordinated effortlessly by Eventphotography.com, so there’s no need to work with different companies in different states – we are your one-stop-shop!


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